Mini Medley

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Leigha & I am the face behind Mini Medley.

I make bright clothes for bold kids. I offer a bespoke service for fun and quirky handmade clothing. I adore bright prints, unique designs, rainbows and the mythical.

Here at Mini Medley you won't find boys sections & girls sections, just clothes for kids to be kids in.

At Mini Medley we believe that no toy, colour, car or creature is assigned to any specific gender, if you love it, then you can wear it, it's a very simple idea. It is, in fact, where the roots of Mini Medley began. Mini Medley's humble beginnings came from my desire to have something a little bit different for my own children and it grew from there. It is a real passion of mine & I hope that this love shows in my creations.

I live in a little village on the south coast of England, right by a beautiful beach, on the cliff edge. My home studio workshop is a shabby chic caravan, called Mavis; I restored her myself with some elbow grease and lots of love. She is my pride and joy and a truly magical & inspiring place for me to do my work from. I also recently took studios in the heart of Hastings town centre, a perfect hub for me to do my work from as Hastings is a vibrant and bustling town full of culture and creative businesses.

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